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Driver’s Education

What We Offer

Segment 1

24 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of driving time, and 6 hours of observation

Level 1 License

Allows students to drive with a parent/guardian or an adult 21 years of age with permission

Segment 2

6 hours of classroom instruction on defensive driving

Level 2 Driver's License

With the completion of Segment 1, 2, and Road Skills Test


Payment is due with the application

  • $375.00 (includes Segment 2)
  • $75.00 (if only Segment 2 needed)
  • Students repeating the program (due to absences, tardiness, classroom or driving failure, etc.) will be charged at full cost
  • A full refund or transfer to the next available course given (for any reason) prior to the student’s 1st day of class

Segment 1:

(24 Hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of driving time, and 6 hours of observation)

  • Parent and student MUST attend the MANDATORY orientation for Segment 1
  • Students must be 14 years and 8 months old by the first classroom session, verification by birth certificate is required
  • Students must have 20/40 or better-corrected vision, vision screening required
  • Students must have no uncontrolled health problems related to seizures
  • Attendance: only ONE absence (three tardies equal one absence) is allowed during Segment 1. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange with their instructor make-up time for the specific class they were absent. If a student has more than one absence they will be dropped with NO REFUND given
  • Classroom and pick-up site for driving sessions: Orchard View Community Education @ 1765 Ada Ave
  • Students must pass 24 hours of classroom instruction (homework, quizzes & state test 70% or better) and have a minimum of 6 hours drive time and 6 hours of observation to receive the Segment 1 certificate. One retest is allowed, failure will result in failure of Segment 1 (no refund given)

Level 1:

(allows students to drive with parent/guardian or an adult 21 years of age with permission)

  • Student & parent apply at Secretary of State office
  • Bring Segment 1 certificate, original Social Security card, original birth certificate, school ID card, utility bill, school transcript (5 pieces of identification are required)
  • Student must be a minimum of 14 years, 9 months

Segment 2:

(6 hours of classroom instruction on defensive driving)

  • Verification must be received that the student has completed a minimum of 30 hours of driving on a Level 1 license (including 2 hours at night) with a licensed parent/guardian
  • Students must have held a Level 1 license for not less than 3 continuous months
  • No absences or tardies allowed for Segment 2
  • To receive the Segment 2 certificate students must pass 6 hours of OV classroom instruction (homework, quizzes, and state test 70% or better). One retest is allowed, failure will result in failure of Segment 2 (no refund given)

Road Skills Test:

(schedule with an independent testing agency)

  • Complete/signed driving record of 50 hours, Segment 2 certificate, valid vehicle registration, and proof of insurance certificate required
  • Upon completion, students apply to the Secretary of State for Level 2 licenses

Level 2 Driver’s license:

(Allows the student to drive without supervision)

(CANNOT drive between 10 pm and 5 am)

  • Students must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must have possessed a Level 1 license for at least 6 months
  • Students must have had no moving violation within 90 days prior to application
  • Restriction: only one passenger under 21 years of age allowed in the vehicle unless traveling to and/or from a school event

Level 3 Driver’s license:

(full driving privileges)

  • Must be at least 17 years of age, must have possessed a Level 2 license for at least 6 months
  • Must have completed 12 consecutive months without a moving violation or accident resulting in a moving violation

Driver’s Education Application

For more information or to apply and pay with a payment type other than a credit card, please call 231.760.1350

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    *Parent/student orientation will be held at the end of class on the first day of the session. Attendance is MANDATORY.
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