Travel Tips

One Week Ahead

Reduce the amount of fresh items you buy at the grocery, such as milk, fruit and other perishables you’ll need to throw out before you leave.

Get out the suitcase and start your packing.

Be sure your luggage is marked with identification on the inside and out.

Start adjusting your sleeping and eating habits closer to your destination’s time zone to help avoid jetlag.

Make at least two lists of credit card numbers and travelers check serial numbers.

Make several copies of your passport. Leave one list at home and keep the other with you in case you lose your passport. Do not keep the copies on your person, rather keep a copy in your suitcase and/or give your traveling companion a copy.

Notify the local police and security system company to immediately consider any alarms as real. Leave with them the names of anyone responsible to watch over your house.

Check prescriptions for necessary refills; bring a list with the drug’s generic name listed since the brand names available can differ in other areas.

Pick up all your items from the dry cleaners.

One Day Before

Pay bills that will come due while you are away.

Walk around with your packed luggage to evaluate your comfort with the weight of the luggage.

Move household plants away from direct sunlight, water thoroughly and wrap pots with plastic. Most plants can then live without further watering for two weeks.

Empty the refrigerator of items that might spoil.

You might want to turn your refrigerator to its lowest setting.

Hold your mail/newspaper delivery (you can do this online now).

Fill the car with gas before you pack the car. Check the fluid levels and tire pressure, since your tire pressure will affect the ride and gas mileage you get on your trip.

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