Marshall, MI—Cornwell’s Dinner Theatre

October 20, Saturday              $91/Person

Trip ID:5876  “Nunsense Amen” is basically the original “Nunsense” show with all the characters being portrayed by male musical comedy performers. Think of it as “Mrs. Doubtfire enters the Convent.” Done totally serious, this show is, to quote a critic, “no drag.” You will laugh from beginning to end. Enjoy a home cooked turkey feast prior to the show.

$25 due upon registration   Final payment due September 20

Muskegon                 Departs: 8:00 am                 Returns: 6:45 pm

Grand Haven           Departs: 8:30 am                 Returns: 7:15 pm

Holland                      Departs: 9:00 am                 Returns: 7:45 pm


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