Marshall, MI—Cornwell’s Dinner Theatre

May 1, Saturday                       $99/Person

Trip ID:6376  In order to increase his allowance, young bachelor Ted writes his tight fisted uncle to tell him he is married. When his uncle unexpectedly drops in and mistakes Ted’s best friend’s wife as his wife, things get a bit complicated. The ante increases every time the uncle kisses Ted’s “wife” and so does the laughter when you add in a maid who is mistaken for someone else. Enjoy a home cooked turkey feast and a memorable performance by a professional cast.

$25 due upon registration   Final payment due April 1

Muskegon            Departs: 8:00 am                  Returns: 6:45 pm

Grand Haven      Departs: 8:30 am                  Returns: 7:15 pm

Holland                Departs: 9:00 am                  Returns: 7:45 pm



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