Marshall, MI—Cornwell’s Dinner Theatre

December 12, Thursday         $95/Person

Trip ID:6058  Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Santa. Right? Well not this year! Santa LLC, has plans to change Christmas this year. They decide they don’t need Santa, he is overpaid. After all he only works one day a year. So, the new vision is all planned and ready to begin. It starts with Santa getting a pink slip. Let’s just say chaos and mayhem ensue. Christmas may not happen? But of course the Big Man in Red returns and Christmas is saved! Packed full of Christmas songs and memories for the entire family! Enjoy a

home cooked turkey feast and a memorable performance.

$25 due upon registration   Final payment due November 12

Muskegon           Departs: 8:45 am      Returns: 6:45 pm

Grand Haven     Departs: 8:15 am       Returns: 7:15 pm

Grand Rapids    Departs: 9:15 am       Returns: 6:15 pm


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